120 grams of magnetic inkjet photo paper
Item: MJM120
Type: matte finish
Basic weight (GSM): 808
Sizes: A4, A3, A3 +, A2,10 * 15, A6,3R, 4R, 5R, Letter sizes
Packing (sheet / package): 5/10/20
Product specification:
1) 100% waterproof, instant drying, up to 5760 DPI, perfect color, perspective and performance;
2) apply to dye, ink and pigment ink;
3) apply to all inkjet photo paper printers;
4) magnetic paper is used to make magnetic stickers that can be attached to various metal surfaces: display boards, refrigerators, automobiles, computers, entrances, metal doors, blackboards, etc.. Use magnetic stickers to mark goods in the warehouse, and hang out notices, warnings, etc in buildings and offices.
5) welcome OEM order.

Luck high quality paint: this material ensures that the printing effect is full color and bright, and the area is gradual, with no harmful odor. The rapid absorption of ink, to ensure full color, brightness, color grade, no harmful smell, but other brands of poor quality material does not have this performance.International leading technology: the technology ensures that the paper white, smooth and glossy, uniform coating, solid, no powder, printing ink firmly maintained on the paint, no ink halo, brighter colors.

Microporous coating 260gsm photo paper for inkjet photo paper printer of high gloss surface finish and high resolution printing professional general compatible: waterproof ink pigment and dye ink printer: HP / Epson / Mimaki / Roland size: 24, 36,42,50 and 60 inches x 25 / 30m, A4 / A3 / 4R: 180g + base paper packaging 40g double PE + 40g coating RC coating products.

Our company is the leading manufacturer of inkjet photo paper mills in china. Our mills have the world’s top inkjet coated wiring, driven by our own latest microporous coating technology. Not only is the very competitive mill price, but also the world’s top quality, we are working with strategic partners to continue developing inkjet media based on the latest printer and ink technology. Our products are popular in Asia, Europe, America, Oceania and so on in overseas markets. We specialize in inkjet photo paper and high glossy¬†inkjet photo paper, digital inkjet output, legal sizes such as A4, A3, a6,4r, stationery and tape measurements, such as 24, x30m, 36, x30m, 44, x30m, etc..

Our products are: high quality, waterproof, instant drying, multi-purpose, up to 5760dpi high definition, in addition to high-quality products, we can provide customers with OEM packaging design and POP advertising and other ancillary services. The latest inkjet photo paper coating technology, color rail will be high quality, variety, professional, innovative products to lead the new trend of inkjet media, if you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.

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