Inkjet printing paper is usually coated with substances that aid the absorption of ink while minimizing bleeding and water absorption. It also makes colors more vivid. Inkjet printers use laser paper that does not absorb ink, resulting in running and smears. The use of wholesale inkjet photo paper in laser printers not only results in poor printing quality, but also damages printers.

You can use plain paper, inkjet paper (coated paper), glossy paper and envelopes.We recommend testing various types of paper before buying large quantities of paper. For best results, please follow the instructions below:When you print on cheap photo paper (coated paper) and glossy paper, be sure to select the right print media in the printer driver’s basic label or in the machine menu’s paper type setting.

When you print on your brother’s photo paper, place one more photo paper on the tray. To this end, a sheet of paper was added to the paper bag.When using paper, remove every piece of paper immediately to prevent stains or paper jams.Immediately after printing, avoid touching the printed surface of  wholesale inkjet photo paper; the surface may not be completely dry and may contaminate your fingers.

Before you buy the printer paper, read the instruction sheet of the printer and find out the manufacturer’s instructions. Choose the right paper weight for each item and choose the most suitable paper to complete. Don’t underestimate the importance of brightness and opacity of paper. Avoid using cheap photo paper to process important documents or professional letters. Do not use laser printers in inkjet printers, and vice versa. Finally, don’t forget the environment. Printer paper can be obtained from a variety of channels, including stationery, office supplies stores, supermarkets, computer shops and eBay and other websites.

Opacity describes the convenience of wholesale inkjet photo paper Most of the paper is translucent in some way. Printing on low transparency paper tends to ooze out and is unsuitable for double-sided printing. Choose an opaque printer paper for professional use and for formal projects. There is no agreed scoring scheme, so most manufacturers’ results are low, medium, or high opacity.

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