Waterproof glossy inkjet photo paper

  • The use of professional import photo base paper, to avoid the poor waterproof, not enough Glossy coating of expanded inkjet photo paper or other coated inkjet photo paper made from raw fibrous base paper.
  • The coating uses nano silica, and RC paper (particles) the same Diameter: less than 150 nanometers) instead of traditional coatings, micron silicon dioxide in inkjet photo paper.Its coating is divided into auxiliary ink suction microporous, high gloss image layer, integrity Ink absorbing layer, ink set and whiteness control layer. Because of this special microporous structure,The ink can enter the complete ink absorbing layer through the ink absorbing holes on the high gloss image And solidified in the cured ink layer. So it is waterproof and easy to dry, so that its color is waterproof Touch when printing.
  • Its coating is very delicate, smooth, high brightness, high density, bright color, with very high color.The definition and sharpness can be compared with the traditional photo effects of halide in Argentina.Suitable for all desktop and large inkjet printers.We can also provide you the crystal inkjet photo paper, matte photo paper, RC waterproof inkjet photo paper, color inkjet photo paper etc.

Special sizes or packages may be handled or changed according to customer requirements.

High density resin coated inkjet photo paper, gloss, surface finish paper

  • Improve the color saturation, make the photo more colorful.
  • New technologies optimize color imaging systems to provide customers with better images.
  • Wear resistance is higher.
  • Waterproof, anti ultraviolet function;
  • Unique fast drying ink technology instantly absorbs ink
  • Advanced ink curing layer to maintain more durable images
  • Advanced emulsion manufacturing technology has improved the adaptability and compatibility of processing chemicals, and has the same performance as the color in rapid development and processing
  • RC paper based resin coating has better waterproof performance than double faced coating
  • Using new couplers, whether in dark storage or display, our photos have maximum image life, gorgeous colors to keep for longer.




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