New Epson inkjet paper 50 sheets. 8.5×11 matte 51 #, 10.3 mille, quick drying, waterproof, anti-fouling, anti-fading.
Flat matte surfaces provide the best platform for photography.The instant drying function of EPSON professional ink can be easily handled.The high color field produces a significant color representation.1440 dpi printer compatibility ensures high resolution output.Heavy paper can provide real photo feel (paper printing).The bright white base is highlighted.

For photographers seeking flat Matte surface, Ultra Premium Presentation Inkjet Paper Matte is an ideal choice. This bright white paper is perfect for unpolished images. It produces highly saturated images while maintaining excellent high gloss and shadow details. Mainly used for UltraChrome ™ ink, EPSON Archival ™ and DuraBrite ink ™ ink, this kind of multifunctional paper can also be used to dye ink. Amateurs, professional photographers and digital artists will find that Epson Ultra Premium Presentation Inkjet Paper Matte is an excellent solution to any project.

Inkjet photo paper helps to make pictures that are printed from home that look more authentic than standard paper. It also provides better contrast and verisimilitude details for photos than on multi-purpose paper. The best inkjet photo paper helps to provide dark silhouettes, smooth skin tones and rich colors.

Regular paper is thinner and lighter than photo paper. When buying inkjet photo paper, it looks and feels as if you were printing professional photos from the photo lab. The coating on the inkjet photo paper helps to fix the printer ink in place. Plain paper has a rougher surface. Photo paper can prevent ink from printing or creating blurred images, and also coated with photosensitive chemicals to make the photos look realistic.

Glossy inkjet paper and inkjet printers work well together to create high quality photos with bright colors. Whether or not the consumer prints a photo to put in a photo frame, a photograph of a work, or a photo of a scrapbook, the results look great. No matter what the photo is, the best inkjet photo paper is a stand between the amateur and professional photos. Use an inkjet printer and photo paper, and forget to wait in line or pay a heavy price. Instead, print out excellent photos, quick, convenient, affordable, at home.

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