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Metal inkjet paper can be gold silver. Gold inkjet photo paper is used to create special effects to attract attention. These photo papers are used to create gloss and metallic appearance. It will bring special interest and depth to printed images and text. Gold ink jet photo paper offers rich and vibrant colors for images. […]

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High quality best inkjet paper online contains all the features from powerful gloss, oyster, super pearl and Matt added to various art and double sided media.In 2005, the first digital fiber optic substrate / Baryta material to simulate the traditional dark room printing materials played an important role.We’ve seen many companies follow this lead, still […]

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Whether you are looking for glossy paper, metallic gloss, white glossy film, professional gloss, glossy canvas, rolls or paper, we already have all of this!Enjoy our choice of inkjet glossy photo paper products and you will enjoy the results of your photos. Look around for the best¬†inkjet photo paper for your photos. White jet film […]

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Photo paper is an inkjet paper designed to print pictures. Because of bleaching or pigments such as titanium dioxide, it is bright white and has been coated with high absorbent material that limits ink diffusion. Highly refined clay is a common paint to prevent ink from spreading. The use of ink pigment system suitable for […]

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Canon glossy inkjet photo paper allows you to print prints with simulated quality, and is the perfect choice to make sure you take full advantage of digital photography. Through the printer’s no fault operation, this white paper is designed to be free of jam or lead to typographical errors. The high water absorbing surface ensures […]