Inkjet photo paper makes beautiful pictures

This is probably our most familiar nanotechnology product. You can find inkjet photo paper packaged in colorful packages in all the super stores. In fact, most of them are made by MPM. We produce more than 50 million inkjet photo paper per year (economies of scale). This is the first evidence of the domestic inkjet paper […]

High quality glossy inkjet paper

Heat transfer dye sublimation inkjet paper.Professional mate resolution.100% waterproof, instant dry.Offer best printed quality from your digital camera or scans.Work on all inkjet paper printers, sublimation printer, indoor printer.Special ink: use sublimation ink to print.Package: 100m per roll, 2 rolls in a carton, 100sheets per pack etc.Different format:A3 A4 17″ 24″ 36″ 44″ 63″ 64″ 70″ […]

Wholesale inkjet photo paper ,cheap nhl inkjet photo paper

The avalanche team ushered in the trading deadline last day before the war, because the price is too high, the possibility of captain Gabriel Landerskog and Matt Du Xian was traded wholesale inkjet photo paper in the last moment is higher, so the game two is likely to usher in the last match played wild team. […]