Canon glossy&semi-gloss&matte inkjet paper

Inkjet can provide paper for Canon inkjet printer. Use Canon inkjet paper, glossy inkjet paper, semi-gloss inkjet paper or matte inkjet paper to print a beautiful picture on your Canon machine.The Canon inkjet paper has a chemical solution coating, which can enhance the smoothness and reduce the ink color. You’ll notice the difference between printing […]

Epson/HP professional inkjet paper A4 size

Designed for daily printing,Epson matte inkjet paper is a heavy – pound inkjet printing medium which is suitable for different printing applications. Epson grinding coated paper is the choice of many home users and is also an excellent medium for photocopying on non-smooth surfaces. Epson inkjet paper has also been widely used in combination and […]

The best new Epson glossy inkjet photo paper

New Epson inkjet paper 50 sheets. 8.5×11 matte 51 #, 10.3 mille, quick drying, waterproof, anti-fouling, anti-fading. Flat matte surfaces provide the best platform for photography.The instant drying function of EPSON professional ink can be easily handled.The high color field produces a significant color representation.1440 dpi printer compatibility ensures high resolution output.Heavy paper can provide […]

Inkjet printing paper is the best coated paper

HP daily inkjet photo paper, semi gloss or matte coating, double-sided double-sided copying. This is the perfect cover for near photographic reproductions and commercial graphics, reports, special presentations, brochures, mail and calendars.HP advanced inkjet printing paper is the best coated paper for high resolution use. The effect of matte smooth make it ideal for a […]

Epson and Canon’s professional inkjet photo papers

When it comes to laserĀ paperĀ and inkjet paper, it all comes down to absorption and printing. If you use an inkjet printer, you need to use a paper specially marked for inkjet printers. Why is that? Because inkjet paper is specially designed to absorb ink used in inkjet printing process. Matte inkjet paper is very suitable […]