• New EPSON inkjet photo paper manufacturers with 50 sheets. Matt 8.5×11 No. 51, 10.3 mils, quick drying, waterproof, anti fouling, anti fading.
  • The flat matte surface provides the best photographic platform.
  • With EPSON ink, instant drying can be easily handled.
  • High color gamut produces significant color reproduction.
  • 1440 DPI printer compatibility ensures high resolution output.
  • Heavy stock offers true photographic sensation (used for roll paper printing).
  • The bright white base highlights the highlights.
  • For smooth matte photographers, ultra high resolution matte paper is the ideal choice. This bright white paper is perfect for images that do not need shine. It produces highly saturated images while maintaining excellent highlights and shading details. This versatile paper can also be used in dye based inks. Lovers, professional photographers and digital artists will find EPSON ultra high resolution matte paper, provide superior solutions for any project.

Wholesale inkjet photo paper have become a gateway for consumers to enter professional photo arts. Before the photo printer, users had to go to pharmacies or super stores to get film development for the trouble of a movie or digital camera. There are two choices – waiting for an hour or a week to wait. One is expensive, but it prints quickly to consumers, while the other is slow and cheap. Today, however, there is a way to get professional printed matter that is as good as the laboratory created print at home. Printing photos at home can save a lot of money, and will be instantaneous, unlike their professional development.

Photo paper helps make home printed photos look more realistic than standard inkjet photo paper manufacturers. It will also give photos with better contrast and realistic detail, and won’t be found with multipurpose paper. Photo paper helps with deep black contours, smooth skin tones and rich colors.

Our photo paper products are designed for our ink and ink products. They possess archival properties (longer duration), have antifouling properties, and produce brilliant, vibrant results.Wholesale inkjet photo paper products are suitable for all inkjet printers. Enjoy lower cost and excellent results, and easily and easily order your photo paper products. If you need any help, please contact us.

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