HP daily inkjet photo paper, semi gloss or matte coating, double-sided double-sided copying. This is the perfect cover for near photographic reproductions and commercial graphics, reports, special presentations, brochures, mail and calendars.HP advanced inkjet printing paper is the best coated paper for high resolution use. The effect of matte smooth make it ideal for a special file.

HP professional manuals and flyers are coated on both sides with matte coating or smooth coating for both sides. It’s a perfect choice for reporting covers, special reports, brochures, near photo copies of postal and calendar, and business charts.Copy paper or letterhead from 60 to 135 grams (16 to 36 pounds)

All inkjet papers are manufactured mechanically, which means that they flatten them through rollers and determine their thickness. This also affects the surface texture of the paper. The resin coated paper has a smooth reflective surface that replicates the appearance and feel of the traditional glossy silver paper. The paper base is sealed between the two polyethylene layers so that it can’t penetrate the liquid. These layers hide the natural properties of the paper base, and tend to give the printed matter a very commercial and artificial appearance. RC paper tends to be cheaper than paper without resin coating.

There is an important warning, however, using ink jet and laser paper: don’t confuse. It’s very smooth for the laser, and the hard surface doesn’t absorb ink, so the excess can run and daub. And cheap inkjet paper coating is not designed for high temperature, so spraying by laser printer will not only significantly reduce the printing quality and image quality, but also may damage the hot melt roller.

Then the cost of laser and inkjet paper than copy paper two to five times. However, if you print business graphics or photos in color paper, if you want or need to leave a good impression, you should bite these times, with the best paper printing inkjet or laser.

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