Photo paper is an inkjet paper designed to print pictures. Because of bleaching or pigments such as titanium dioxide, it is bright white and has been coated with high absorbent material that limits ink diffusion. Highly refined clay is a common paint to prevent ink from spreading.

The use of ink pigment system suitable for the most suitable in these papers, can be used for image match or exceed the quality and life of photographic gelatin based silver halide color photographs of the continuous tone printing methods, such as the Fuji CrystalArchive (color printing for the film) and Cibachrome / Ilfochrome (for colour printing from transparent film). For printed monochrome photographs, conventional silver based inkjet photo paper is widely recognized as an advantage retained by inkjet printers.

Photo paper is usually divided into glossy, semi matte, semi gloss or satin, silk, matte finish. The thickness of the paper varies greatly. The lighter weight is not very different from the above general office documents and can be used for all types of printing, although these are the cheapest and least quality inkjet photo paper.Inkjet photo paper used for more critical work is thicker, has advanced coatings, and sometimes has quick drying properties. They are usually printed only on one side of the special coating. A few sheets of paper were applied to double sided printing.

Some inkjet paper is made from high quality deinked pulp or chemical pulp. High quality inkjet paper requires good dimensional stability, no crimp or wrinkling, and has a good surface strength. For most purposes, surface smoothness is required. The pores need to be sufficiently uniform to counteract the diffusion of ink. For low quality printing, uncoated copy paper is sufficient, but higher grades need to be coated. Traditional coatings are not widely used in ink-jet paper. For matt inkjet photo paper, silica is often used as a pigment in conjunction with polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH). Glossy inkjet paper can be made from tape coating on a laminated or resin coated or laminated paper.

High quality inkjet printing paper with black, crisp lines requires paper to have the right absorbency to receive ink, but to prevent lateral diffusion. About 21 to 27 pounds (80-100 grams / square meter) of weight of general office paper was re enacted as well as ink jet and laser printer. However, this type of paper is only suitable for printing text because the ink load is light.

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