Although some people mistakenly convert whiteness to brightness, these are two different evaluations. Whiteness refers to the background color of inkjet photo paper. This is similar to the color shown at some time.Some inkjet paper types have a yellow or gold color and many people feel warm.

This actually depends on your requirements and how you will handle the photo printing. As a basic rule.
1) print color printing and frosting photos using glossy inkjet photo paper to print black and white.
2) if the photo print will be touched by a lot of people and use a lot of frosting is a better option, unless you don’t mind taking the time to clean up your glossy photo print from time to time.
3) also, if you plan to print larger pictures (such as hanging on the wall or on the framework and put it on the table), because the big smooth can printout as smooth and shiny reflector, so the mask is a better choice.

Maximum visual impact and color image accuracy. Different from inkjet paper, this product adopts the casting process compatible with the color laser printer. It provides a counterpart to the inkjet paper. Color laser compatibility: it is also important to note that offset glossy inkjet photo paper (used by commercial printers) is easily confused with laser light paper. These are not colored laser-compatible and usually bubble or melt in a color laser printer.

Are you ready to take your picture to a new level? Whether you’re a budding photographer or just trying to make the most of your family photos, using this high quality inkjet photo paper can easily improve your gaming experience. With our paper and ink, you can easily make high-quality, high-quality photos, and you can proudly display them.There are many different types of abrasive paper, so pay close attention to what you buy. Semi – light or glossy inkjet paper may look very different from traditional matte paper.

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