High quality best inkjet paper online contains all the features from powerful gloss, oyster, super pearl and Matt added to various art and double sided media.In 2005, the first digital fiber optic substrate / Baryta material to simulate the traditional dark room printing materials played an important role.We’ve seen many companies follow this lead, still have a huge market share, and will continue to use their knowledge base to drive the boundaries of the technology.

This silver metal paper has a beautiful, bright textured surface on a heavyweight 280gsm silver resin coated substrate.This cheap inkjet paper really looks like the surface of the metal, the feel and print quality.Incredible details and clarity can be achieved, providing amazing high resolution visual impact, and making your image just jump out of paper.It has a wide range of colors, wide color gamut, D-max color is very good, with bright colors, dark black or chromium, silver, and even gold and reflective metal surface images.Daily necessities such as watches, jewelry, glass, metal products and mirrors have almost 3D effects.Fully compatible with dyes and pigment inks.Try printing your black and white images on this surface – you won’t believe what you can achieve in tones, highlights, and grayscale.

Silk is a tiny piece of paper with a rich silk / satin surface on the basis of 315gsm’s exquisite artistic heavyweight.The A4 or A3 best inkjet paper online has developed a natural warm color, smooth surface can imitate the traditional darkroom barite / fiber paper, texture and coating, making it an ideal choice for serious monochromatic workers.In order to match the traditional darkroom silver halide paper, glossy coating has been directly applied to real barite layer and fiber substrate, so that the user can create black and cream white strong velvet, the perfect combination of excellent portrait and landscape reproductions, either a single color or color.

Digital paper oyster is specially made as the most white oyster ink and cheap inkjet paper on the market. Its microporous super coating provides UV protection, making it extremely resistant to fading, when you want truly vibrant colors, although it also offers excellent results with monochrome images. It also has high waterproof properties and is perfectly compatible with dyes and pigment inks. At 271gsm, it’s a nice, heavy weight.


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