Print more photos at home, using low cost, recyclable photo paper. HP Everyday Inkjet Photo Paper has a smooth surface effect, which can present a clear and bright image on any inkjet printer. In addition, the photos are quick and dry, easy to handle and quick to share. Do more with photos – create Photo cubes, press releases, calendars, and so on using HP Photo Creations. HP printers, ink and paper together to design and test for best results.

Our glossy inkjet paper is very suitable for scientists to display their research, when color collocation is the most important. Glossy inkjet paper shows all the smaller color changes associated with fluorescence imaging and skin color. The surface does absorb ink, which dries the paper instantaneously and will not fade when exposed or exposed to direct sunlight. This inkjet photo paper is completely waterproof, and the ink will not be stained if it gets wet. This is a bright white, with a 6.1-meter thickness that is easy to roll. This is a file photo that has lasted more than 20 years. Glossy inkjet paper is highly reflective. When it must have color matching, it is perfect.

There is a magnet on the back of this 4×6 glossy inkjet paper. You can cut them into whatever shape you want or the size of them. Print family photos for your fridge or make your own bumper stickers! This 10-pack LD paper is a great choice for all kinds of active paper, with magnetic and single-sided, waterproof surface. Light waterproof, instant drying, 98% whiteness. Applicable to all inkjet printers. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Our advanced 4 x 6 gloss inkjet paper 20 sheets can provide rich color and bold black to create a picture of elegance and portrait. Print out smudges, watertight, and unfading images, thanks to a special resin coating on all the paper. The total weight of this photo is 260gsm (or 69lbs), while most other paper weights are between 200 and 240gsm. General compatibility (special coating) with most photo printers and.

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