The resin coated base allows you to obtain waterproof photographic prints that have instant drying properties for professional image quality.The bright white base allows you to obtain professional image quality and vivid and vibrant colors for your digital image, photo proofs.¬†Inkjet photo paper provides high gloss, matte, RC (resin), high density satin variety, from 108 to 260 gsm. Can also use double-sided glossy, inkjet photo paper, self-adhesive photos, paper and so onApplications include professional photos (such as passport, identity card and 4 “X 6”, A4, A3), business consultant, directory, project reports, photo books, proved that the product inserts, postman, stickers, etc..

  • Satin and matte surface.
  • Quality paper flu.
  • Reproducing the true color of an image.
  • Widely used in photography studio, photography, design company, digital printing shop, high-end administrative office, family and so on.
  • Widely used in advertising, decorative design, posters, posters, CAD drawings, business cards printing, display interior decoration, architectural renderings, design demonstrations. This product is made of inkjet paper,inkjet paper and base inkjet paper. It is of good strength and can be stored for a long time.
  • Up to 5760dpi print accuracy. Subtle text and lines are clearly visible.
  • It is made of high quality coating and inkjet paper, with smooth coating and strong adhesion.
  • Excellent waterproof performance. When soaked in water for several hours, it will not fade or blur.
  • Use instant ink and touch drying techniques. Ink won’t penetrate the back of the paper.
  • Applicable to the color inkjet printer section.
  • Suitable for raw or compatible dyes (dyes) and pigments (pigments) inks.
  • High stability and no chromatic aberration.
  • Consistent quality and reputation.
  • In a word, this product can give a perfect print effect at low print cost.

Product Name: RC high gloss inkjet photo paper product number: RH-4007 weight thickness: 260gsm features: instant dry, good image quality, waterproof, gloss, RC, suitable for dyes and pigment ink. Available specifications: A4 / A3 / 36, “/ 42”, “/50” / “60”, *30M. Other sizes and thicknesses can be produced as required.

High quality, real photographic, resin coated base inkjet paper can provide images with professional appearance and complete image of the actual appearance. The production of the latest microporous coating technology. Ultra smooth, bright white finish. Excellent ink absorption, instant dry, waterproof good. Excellent color stability, so that feel stable, life of about 50 years. Provide excellent imaging quality, excellent point control, wide color gamut, high image clarity. Highly versatile, widely compatible, and compatible with colorants and dye inkjet printers paper.


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