Designed for daily printing,Epson matte inkjet paper is a heavy – pound inkjet printing medium which is suitable for different printing applications. Epson grinding coated paper is the choice of many home users and is also an excellent medium for photocopying on non-smooth surfaces. Epson inkjet paper has also been widely used in combination and business presentations. It’s just a thick layer of pressure, and it immediately turns epiming sandpaper into a glossy medium.

The original HP white inkjet paper USES a size of 914 mm x 47.5 meters and a weight of 90 g/m2 A0 size reel paper. HP inkjet paper is very suitable for high quality black and color line drawing. The specially treated paper dries immediately, maximizes productivity, and helps you get a high contrast color and uniform filling. This economical paper can improve the productivity of the workflow, which is a multi-purpose paper that can be used in daily applications, including posters, presentations, POP and retail displays. It is an ideal printer for graphic artists, designers, engineers, architects and print service providers. Buy immediately, and enjoy real HP print quality at affordable prices.

Inkjet paper on both sides of the paper has a subtle pearl/semi gloss surface and a slight texture that can help to fill the deficiency of the standard single sheet of paper. This paper is 25 packets of A4 size inkjet paper, which has resin coated paper base, weight of 285 g/m2, with a thickness of 11.4 millet, which is easy to handle. It also has a bright color with a rating of 128%. In addition, the paper is dry, waterproof and anti-fading.

Professional grade paper, both sides are treated with high quality matte, bright colors and clear text. HP professional inkjet paper is HP’s preferred presentation and other important business documents. The design was impressive. Ideal presentations, recommendations, reports and newsletters. Bright white and coated matte finish bright colors, clearer text. Lighter than regular paper weight, lighter than a pamphlet paper, HP inkjet paper is a professional paper to make your presentation look impressive in appearance. Bright colors and sharp black text with high quality inkjet coatings – smooth matt finishes to get the best readability and impact.


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