This is the first metallic inkjet paper designed for your inkjet printer. Mitsubishi grace pearlescent metal photo paper major is a professional quality inkjet paper offering excellent image clarity, bright colors and waterproof surfaces. Gareth metal jet paper has unique metal pearl surface treatment, similar to silver halide metal phase paper. The ceramic coating of this kind of metallic jet paper provides a unique inkjet coating for this paper.

Mitsubishi grace Metallic features unique and excellent metal surface finish is different from any other inkjet accept metal sheet on the market today. By printing on Grace Pearlescent metallic inkjet paper, it brings a unique touch and higher aesthetic value for your photos. Gareth pearlescent metal paper is compatible with all waterborne wide printers, and provides vivid color reproduction and high metal pearl surface treatment. Use Grace Metallic Inkjet paper turn your photos into reality, this unique paper in vertical, horizontal, graphic design and fashion looks very good printing applications. Compared with other metal paper, Grace Pearlescent on quality is considered more “properties of gold”, because the surface seems to have more metallic shimmer, others say that the surface of the metallic inkjet paper to print with subtle flash effect.

The first real endrua-like inkjet paper is from the manufacturer of the kodak Endura paper. New ink jet printing paper aims to replicate used in conventional darkroom classic characteristics of the pearl paper, at the same time for the photographers and printing plant to provide extended color gamut and higher on3dmax, in order to obtain accurate and deeper and rich black color. Kodak professional inkjet media metal / 255 g is not only compatible with the Canon, Epson, HP water-based printers with the latest technology, but also can make use of the latest group to obtain the highest printer ink image fidelity.

Epson Metallic inkjet photo paper is a powerful new photographic paper for high-end portrait and wedding photography. These inkjet metallic paper can be finished with gloss and gloss E.Epson Metallic inkjet photo paper has an incredible Dmax and rich color field, with unique metal surfaces that provide clear images and depth.

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