When it comes to laserĀ paperĀ and inkjet paper, it all comes down to absorption and printing. If you use an inkjet printer, you need to use a paper specially marked for inkjet printers. Why is that? Because inkjet paper is specially designed to absorb ink used in inkjet printing process.

Matte inkjet paper is very suitable for display pictures, because you will not see any glare from matte paper, so under the condition of mixed lighting, 4 feet panoramic photos shown in camera shop, abrasive paper is especially suitable for, because the display picture on the wall is higher, and you can use dome light reflection A real problem. Matte paper usually semi-mat paper is better than glossy inkjet paper or durable, because processing matte printing traces can sometimes lead to wear and tear, similar to the fingers through the suede leather or microfiber material. Thus, it is not usually suitable for the printed matter to be processed in the exposed state.

Laser inkjet paper, on the other hand, can withstand high temperatures. These printers use colored powder called carbon powder to print words and images on the page. The laser printer’s fixing roller helps to “fuse” the powder into the heat pages, leaving you with a beautiful and distinct image.The difference between an inkjet printer and a laser printer is their actual structure. Use the type of printer that corresponds to the type of printer you have. This will produce the clearest copies and images.Although you should not use inkjet printing paper in a laser printer, and vice versa, you can use multifunction or copy paper on any printer. Copier paper can be used for a variety of purposes because it can withstand the strict requirements of various printers.

At the highest level, inkjet photo paper simply prints out printouts made from digital files by applying very small droplets on paper. Many inkjet ink is based on dyes, but I strongly recommend using pigment based inks for any fine arts use because of their longer life. Epson and Canon’s professional inkjet photo papers use pigment technology, and the result is often called paint printing.

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