Inkjet photo paper, also known as photographic printing paper, photo paper and coated paper, according to the output image way are divided into three categories, respectively in the traditional sense of the silver halide paper, inkjet printing paper and inkjet photo paper manufacturers. At present, the paper is widely used in the field of photography of wedding photography and children photography. There are also advertising materials, menus, business CARDS, resumes and various popular areas for home office use.

Waterproof technology of high gloss inkjet photo paper:Because the ink is usually a compound containing anion, thus adding cationic resin and cationic compound is the most commonly used waterproof photo paper, through the combination of cationic compounds with high gloss ink on the anion, play a role in fixing.High gloss paper waterproof can also by water absorption method to achieve high waterproof.High gloss paper waterproof can also use water isolation method, increase waterproof layer and protective layer, etc., the key of this technology is waterproof layer of ink permeability, transparency and gloss.

Even if you are not a professional photographer, photography enthusiasts, as photos still preferred should choose glossy photo paper, compared with the ordinary photo paper and photo paper glossy, glossy inkjet photo paper includes basic layer, resin layer, ink absorbing layer and multiple protection, the ink absorption layer is resistant to heat, light and photo protection cover, the resin layer is cut off the internal ink penetrates the paper, finally the basic building foundation layer as in contact with ink and paper when the solid support.

Therefore this is a family photo preserved for a long time of choice, from the appearance and touch feeling and film age before the photo touch similar, although the single cost slightly more but ample supply, Canon and EPSON are glossy inkjet photo paper suppliers. This type of inkjet photo paper is used in high-end professional printing stores.

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