All inkjet printers, excellent gloss smooth surface perfect image quality is suitable for the 5760 dpi print accuracy, color, white degree, printing details and good waterproof performance, high quality coatings and base paper, used for the design of high quality images, make photographs perfectly complete all performance. Widely used in office, business, home and other advertising design, graphic output, office documents and other fields. Lucky inkjet photo paper USES high-quality body paper and paint, produced and processed by leading manufacturers in the printing field.

Lucky inkjet paper: high quality body is smooth, whiteness, no bad smell, waterproof, halogen free ink lucky high quality coating: the material can ensure the printing effect to full color, bright, area gradually, no bad smell. The material quickly absorb ink to ensure full color, brightness, color grade, no bad smell, other brand material, sweeping leading technology: the technology to ensure that the paper with a white, smooth sheen, uniform coating, solid, powder, keep on coating, printing ink firmly without the halo ink, color is more bright.

Premium RC Inkjet Photo Paper:Features and advantages

  • Resin coated inkjet paper
  • Water resistance
  • Instant drying
  • Exquisite photographic image quality and consistency
  • The weight look and feel of real photos
  • Good compatibility with all quality dye-based ink
  • Directly accept the manufacturer and OEM services

This is the economic choice of producing high quality and quick drying prints. This paperless coated cheap inkjet paper is specially designed for color printing and is very suitable for creating signs and posters that will be replaced or replaced regularly. Suitable for large surface printer, color and dye ink printing, waterproof, anti-fading. This paper has bright color expression, anti-curling, anti-fading, high image printing quality. Various sizes and weights can be used for different printing requirements.

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