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When it comes to laserĀ paperĀ and inkjet paper, it all comes down to absorption and printing. If you use an inkjet printer, you need to use a paper specially marked for inkjet printers. Why is that? Because inkjet paper is specially designed to absorb ink used in inkjet printing process. Matte inkjet paper is very suitable […]

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In the past, the photographer used a dark room to create beautiful pictures by using a series of chemicals on sensitive paper to project a photographic plate. This is a very time-consuming process, but it provides some great expansion. The digital revolution provides a new way for photographers to get amazing images with the help […]

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All inkjet printers, excellent gloss smooth surface perfect image quality is suitable for the 5760 dpi print accuracy, color, white degree, printing details and good waterproof performance, high quality coatings and base paper, used for the design of high quality images, make photographs perfectly complete all performance. Widely used in office, business, home and other […]

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Inkjet photo paper, also known as photographic printing paper, photo paper and coated paper, according to the output image way are divided into three categories, respectively in the traditional sense of the silver halide paper, inkjet printing paper and inkjet photo paper manufacturers. At present, the paper is widely used in the field of photography […]

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Inkjet printing paper is usually coated with substances that aid the absorption of ink while minimizing bleeding and water absorption. It also makes colors more vivid. Inkjet printers use laser paper that does not absorb ink, resulting in running and smears. The use of wholesale inkjet photo paper in laser printers not only results in […]