Inkjet printing paper is the best coated paper

HP daily inkjet photo paper, semi gloss or matte coating, double-sided double-sided copying. This is the perfect cover for near photographic reproductions and commercial graphics, reports, special presentations, brochures, mail and calendars.HP advanced inkjet printing paper is the best coated paper for high resolution use. The effect of matte smooth make it ideal for a […]

Inkjet paper manufacturers online from China

A4 size, professional level, true photo, basic paper, originally designed for professional photo developers. The high resolution wholesale inkjet paper on these paper allows you to print professional standard pictures on inkjet printers. Professional photographers use these documents, and commercial and domestic users can benefit from these quality products and print in the country. A4 […]

High quality inkjet printing paper

Photo paper is an inkjet paper designed to print pictures. Because of bleaching or pigments such as titanium dioxide, it is bright white and has been coated with high absorbent material that limits ink diffusion. Highly refined clay is a common paint to prevent ink from spreading. The use of ink pigment system suitable for […]

Catagory of Inkjet Paper

We have all the right quality inkjet printing paper, and we store all sizes of paper and volume. Select our exquisite artwork from our complete inkjet photographic paper, inkjet film, ink jet vinyl, inkjet art paper. waterproof inkjet photo paper Paper series: matte coated paper, matt coated paper, cast coated photo paper, double-sided half light […]

High quality glossy inkjet paper

Heat transfer dye sublimation inkjet paper.Professional mate resolution.100% waterproof, instant dry.Offer best printed quality from your digital camera or scans.Work on all inkjet paper┬áprinters, sublimation printer, indoor printer.Special ink: use sublimation ink to print.Package: 100m per roll, 2 rolls in a carton, 100sheets per pack etc.Different format:A3 A4 17″ 24″ 36″ 44″ 63″ 64″ 70″ […]