Inkjet can provide paper for Canon inkjet printer. Use Canon inkjet paper, glossy inkjet paper, semi-gloss inkjet paper or matte inkjet paper to print a beautiful picture on your Canon machine.The Canon inkjet paper has a chemical solution coating, which can enhance the smoothness and reduce the ink color. You’ll notice the difference between printing pictures on plain paper and then printing them on a Canon paper. Canon paper has a coating surface, which makes the image sharp and sharp, while ordinary paper absorbs ink and has a feather edge, and may appear blurred or even smudge.

The special coating on Canon inkjet paper also expands the maximum range of color reproduction, and improves the red, magenta and green colors with surprising freshness and brilliance to achieve excellent shooting results. Canon paper ingredients, thickness and smoothness with Canon ink cartridges and Canon inkjet printers perfectly match to protect your machine from premature wear.

The Canon¬†inkjet paper has a microporous coating that can quickly absorb the ink below the surface and prevent excess ink from remaining on the paper surface. Results: instant dry photo printing.Canon glossy inkjet paper locks ink on top of a deeper surface than other paper. Thus, the “glossy” surface is always smooth.Photo paper Plus Glossy II is a perfect match for Canon Lucia&ChromaLife100 + ink. Combined with Canon FINE print head, ink and Canon’s original paper can protect photos from gas and light to protect these precious memories for future generations.

Photo RC inkjet paper is a high-performance inkjet paper that provides excellent imaging performance, quality and consistency on various weights and surfaces (including gloss, satin and pearls). Photo RC inkjet paper adopts the latest coating technology, which is specially designed to be compatible with water-based piezoelectric and thermosensitive width printers as well as dyes, pigments and latex ink.

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