In the past, the photographer used a dark room to create beautiful pictures by using a series of chemicals on sensitive paper to project a photographic plate. This is a very time-consuming process, but it provides some great expansion. The digital revolution provides a new way for photographers to get amazing images with the help of a short time printer. Now, photographers can use color printers to easily create high-quality photos instead of entering the dark room for hours. As a photosensitive paper used to develop photos, today’s cheap inkjet photo paper is used for printing through photo printers. This photo is specially made for laser or inkjet printers, which are brighter and less porous than plain paper.

Paint – money picture paper using cast – coated receiving layer. When printing, ink is on the surface when using pigment ink, but when used in dye base ink, ink penetrates well. Therefore, if the printer appears fresh, the image may be blotted out using the heavy pigment ink such as epson DuraBrite ink. The new generation of European foundry coated photographic paper is compatible with pigment ink, but it is still not as good as microporous paper.

Microporous and nanopore – the receiving layer is used to coat professional grade paper, with durability and color definitions high priority. Different from the inks on the surface, in this case, it is embedded in microscopic holes to make it dry immediately. It has glossy, satin and pear-textured inkjet photo paper and combines with dyes and pigment ink.

When printing photos, most people like their photos as the highest possible image quality. Photo paper has certain properties and functions, which can achieve the best printing quality for all your photos. These photos produce clear, clear, brightly colored printing pieces that can’t match traditional printer paper. This helpful guide will help you buy high-quality inkjet photo paper.

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