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Inkjet printing paper is usually coated with substances that aid the absorption of ink while minimizing bleeding and water absorption. It also makes colors more vivid. Inkjet printers use laser paper that does not absorb ink, resulting in running and smears. The use of wholesale inkjet photo paper in laser printers not only results in […]

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Uncoated paper that runs on all inkjet printers. This high quality inkjet photo paper manufacturers provide clear and clear images, and ordinary copy paper cannot be duplicated. A special surface formula to minimize ink absorption while maximizing drying process. Canon photo paper glossy Pro provides an increase in color gamut, black details better, and higher […]

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A4 size, professional level, true photo, basic paper, originally designed for professional photo developers. The high resolution wholesale inkjet paper on these paper allows you to print professional standard pictures on inkjet printers. Professional photographers use these documents, and commercial and domestic users can benefit from these quality products and print in the country. A4 […]