Waterproof glossy inkjet photo paper

Waterproof glossy inkjet photo paper The use of professional import photo base paper, to avoid the poor waterproof, not enough Glossy coating of expanded inkjet photo paper or other coated inkjet photo paper made from raw fibrous base paper. The coating uses nano silica, and RC paper (particles) the same Diameter: less than 150 nanometers) […]

Catagory of Inkjet Paper

We have all the right quality inkjet printing paper, and we store all sizes of paper and volume. Select our exquisite artwork from our complete inkjet photographic paper, inkjet film, ink jet vinyl, inkjet art paper. waterproof inkjet photo paper Paper series: matte coated paper, matt coated paper, cast coated photo paper, double-sided half light […]

Inkjet photo paper makes beautiful pictures

This is probably our most familiar nanotechnology product. You can find inkjet photo paper┬ápackaged in colorful packages in all the super stores. In fact, most of them are made by MPM. We produce more than 50 million inkjet photo paper per year (economies of scale). This is the first evidence of the domestic inkjet paper […]