Excellent quality cheap inkjet photo paper

Canon glossy inkjet photo paper allows you to print prints with simulated quality, and is the perfect choice to make sure you take full advantage of digital photography. Through the printer’s no fault operation, this white paper is designed to be free of jam or lead to typographical errors. The high water absorbing surface ensures […]

Wholesale inkjet photo paper from China

120 grams of magnetic inkjet photo paper Item: MJM120 Type: matte finish Basic weight (GSM): 808 Sizes: A4, A3, A3 +, A2,10 * 15, A6,3R, 4R, 5R, Letter sizes Packing (sheet / package): 5/10/20 Product specification: 1) 100% waterproof, instant drying, up to 5760 DPI, perfect color, perspective and performance; 2) apply to dye, ink […]

Good image quality of inkjet photo paper

The resin coated base allows you to obtain waterproof photographic prints that have instant drying properties for professional image quality.The bright white base allows you to obtain professional image quality and vivid and vibrant colors for your digital image, photo proofs.¬†Inkjet photo paper provides high gloss, matte, RC (resin), high density satin variety, from 108 […]

Waterproof glossy inkjet photo paper

Waterproof glossy inkjet photo paper The use of professional import photo base paper, to avoid the poor waterproof, not enough Glossy coating of expanded inkjet photo paper or other coated inkjet photo paper made from raw fibrous base paper. The coating uses nano silica, and RC paper (particles) the same Diameter: less than 150 nanometers) […]

Catagory of Inkjet Paper

We have all the right quality inkjet printing paper, and we store all sizes of paper and volume. Select our exquisite artwork from our complete inkjet photographic paper, inkjet film, ink jet vinyl, inkjet art paper. waterproof inkjet photo paper Paper series: matte coated paper, matt coated paper, cast coated photo paper, double-sided half light […]